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Ok, so you are totally going to LOVE this story. If you have been following my blog for any length of time you know I have been up and down with God. Finally last week I gave it all to him which you can read in my last blog post.  Here is a picture of a Gift for Jaxton I got in the mail today. It is a beautiful hand knit blanket. But the most amazing part is not the blanket but that little blue snowflake!

Attached was a card where she wrote “The Lord placed it on my heart to add a little snowflake to the ribbon. Each person is an individual masterpiece. Each is a uniquely fleeting treasure with the fingerprints of God upon it.”

She had packaged this gift up the same day I posted my last blog about my personal snowflake story and mailed it the next morning!

So obviously I am dying inside that God spoke to me! Technically 3 times with snow 🙂

Little did she know when the Lord was prompting her that this was going to be an answer to my submission to God. I had finally let it all go and had given it to GOD.

Just thought this was super encouraging and too awesome to not share.

* My after thought *

12.12.10 – I woke up this morning after posting this last night and can not get over how God has been saying “YES Lisa, I am listening to you. I AM here with you.”

If you recall… the last time I asked…”God are you listening to me?” He replied with the first VERY unexpected snow of the season.

Thank you to so many of you who have followed our family in this journey from day one or just recently who have committed to praying for Jaxton, our family, our marriage, our church and everything else going on at this time. We are SO thankful when God responds and we want everyone to know that:

The Husmann’s give GOD all the Glory!