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God, There’s not much more I can take

Hello VANDERBUILT UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER in Nashville, Tennessee! 🙂 I’ve been told that the doctors and nurses at this medical office check my blog. What pressure it is when I actually think beyond just me typing what goes on in my brain to what other people think.

Let me tell you about our day on Friday… I had scheduled a routine 2 year appointment for Jake for 10 am. He woke up at 9:20 so I got him ready and rushed out the door. I packed him cheerios to eat, but didn’t think much about it because he wasn’t asking for it. (but then again Jakes eating has totally gone down the drain!) So we walk in and the nurse starts taking his measurements. Weight= 21 lbs, Height= 32″. His Doctor came in and showed some concern because Jake is the same weight as he was 5 months ago AND instead of being in the 75%-90% height he is now in the 10%! He started asking questions about his eating habits so I divulged the info that he hardly eats anything. He won’t eat pizza, hamburgers, mac n cheese or any thing a normal kid will eat. So the doctor ordered his hemoglobin levels to be tested and his blood sugar. His blood sugar was at 52 instead of the “normal range of 70-105. I had reminded him about Jake being sick that week and not eating yet and he said even so it was out of range for fasting levels.

He was VERY concerned and even mentioned many possibilities one being Leukemia. So I cling to that word and start crying.

I tell the doctor about Jaxton having trisomy 13 and hearing this news was just TOO MUCH. He felt horrible, but had scheduled for us to have Jake go immediately to the Hospital for overnight tests and observation.

Just when I thought I couldn’t be brought any lower I get hit with this. Not only am I told I WILL loose my baby , but now I am imagining Jake in NICU with chemo and tubes and in seclusion. I start to cry and so does Jake as he is whimpering Mommy? Mommy? I hold him and tell him everything is alright, you are fine honey, I love you baby so much. I hug him and don’t let go as he is clinging to me as well.  The doctor tenderly hugs us and wishes his best for us and says he trusts in God.

We leave the Doctor and with all the strength left in me I strap jake into the car seat, get in the car and start balling my eyes out.  I cry out “God, there is not much more I can take!”

Then this pops into my head:

I put this up about a week ago as a constant reminder of our family and our Faith in the Lord and now at a moment such as this it served it’s purpose to bring me back to my center.

So we check Jake in and he has to give LOTS of blood for all the tests and an x-ray. He is such a trooper! He did amazing and we are so proud of him!!!

All this said we later learn 8 hours later that He is actually 4″ taller @ 36″ AND his chart was mis-graphed! So it turns out JAKE IS FINE AND HEALTHY!!! It was all just a huge mistake so we got to go home early. I am so thankful that Jake is alright! We got some great advice from a dietician, but nothing I couldn’t have googled on my own. Yes Jake is super skinny and we are trying to get more calories in him!  🙂

I’m happy to know that even feeling like I was dying inside I turned to my Savior!

Family of Four – Maternity pictures

Here is just one photo from Jessica Johnston Photography

To see more please visit her blog below  🙂



i love our lil jake

Yay – Balloons!!!

Jacob William Husmann (20 months old)

Jake is such a great little boy. There are not enough positive things I can say about him! I am so proud of the young man he is becoming. He’s so polite saying Please and thank you, Your Welcome, Sorry Momma and God Bless You and AMEN after the prayer! Josh asked Jake if he knew who Jesus was and he said… AMEN!!!  LOL!   He makes my heart smile!!!

I have tried to make Jake feel so special especially since half of my brain has been elsewhere with the baby. I constantly tell him I love you THIS MUCH with my arms wide open, Giving him lots of hugs and kisses. I’ve even splurged and have been going over board in the treats and gifts area. … oh, but he deserves it! Who doesn’t like a new pair of comfy pajamas and a lollipop?

I only want him to know love from me and for him to know how special he is to me. I tell him YOU’RE THE BEST 1/2 a million times a day! He really is THE BEST!!!!

He has been talking SO MUCH! We love having conversations with him, but most of his answers are NO.

He can name all the characters on Sesame Street, Dora The Explorer and Mickey Mouse ClubHouse. He can also say what each of these things says: Dog, Horse, Cat, Rooster, Chicken, Sheep, Seal, Monkey, Snake, Rabbit, Penguin, Bear, Lion, Tiger, Rhinosaurus, coo coo bird, green Frog, Fish, Pirate, Elephant, Train, Fire truck, Alligator, Pig, duck, owl, donkey, Kangaroo, Cow… there are more i’m sure I just can’t remember them!

He LOVES playing outside, going for walks, Hide and seek, football and tickle time.

He loves singing ABC’s, The Meatball song and Ittsy Bittsy Spider.

He knows all his colors and some of his shapes.

He can almost count to ten with a little help. We are starting to teach him how to add.

Other Jake sayings: We’re Home! Yuv you, lightning McQueen milk, No Hit Momma, 2 spankings. No nigh night. Momma tired. Momma Sad. Good Morning! Hey Bubba. Where’d Jake go? Hey Honey…, Josh!, More Tickle!!!

Maybe too much fun with the chalk – Hitler resemblance???  LOL!

Just wanted everyone to know how special Jake is and that he has been an absolute peach! I couldn’t have asked for a better well-behaved kid.

I love him more than words can express!!!

The Brag Book

June 19th 2010 – This was the day we found out we were pregnant! We were so excited to find out, I couldn’t even wait til the morning so I took a test at 12:27 am! At first I just saw the second line and no first line. Disappointed, I stomped out of the bathroom and sat on the bed. Josh could guess by my reaction it wasn’t positive. He asked if I was sure so I told him “You check it!” He went into the bathroom and I said “It’s negative……right?” He said “what does this second line mean?” I RAN into the bathroom to check. It was sooooo faint that I threw it into the trash and said “IT’S NEGATIVE!!!”  I wasn’t patient enough to wait for it to totally show up. (that’s why they suggest the 3 minutes I suppose!)  LOL!

Then I thought about it for a minute and called my best friend Michelle Bradley. She assured me if there was ANY line at all it was a POSITIVE test result!

Tears of joy and a big long hug followed.

I had known for a while that I wanted to tell the grandparents in a special way so I thought up the “Brag Book”. I had printed a bunch of pictures of big brother Jake and was holding this thing for a while as we were trying to get pregnant. I just so happen to decide to take it to our trip to Indiana and YAY! We found out just in time.
I gave this picture book to Joyce and told her she had to look through it with Jake so she had to wait, but we really knew we wanted Bill and Polly to be there too. So at a casual lunch at Cracker Barrel on June 19th we shared the news.
Joyce was looking through the book with Jake and 1/2 way through I strategically put a picture in there of Josh, Jake and I that said “I’m the big brother!” “We’re pregnant again!” 🙂 Oh my goodness was she surprised!
I have the whole thing on video! It was a hoot to watch her scream with joy!
We are so excited to be blessed with another baby!


1. Jake almost makes Joyce miss the photo and she has to flip back to see it!

2. Joyce screams so loud the lady behind her in the background turns around!  ha ha ha