God, There’s not much more I can take

Hello VANDERBUILT UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER in Nashville, Tennessee! 🙂 I’ve been told that the doctors and nurses at this medical office check my blog. What pressure it is when I actually think beyond just me typing what goes on in my brain to what other people think.

Let me tell you about our day on Friday… I had scheduled a routine 2 year appointment for Jake for 10 am. He woke up at 9:20 so I got him ready and rushed out the door. I packed him cheerios to eat, but didn’t think much about it because he wasn’t asking for it. (but then again Jakes eating has totally gone down the drain!) So we walk in and the nurse starts taking his measurements. Weight= 21 lbs, Height= 32″. His Doctor came in and showed some concern because Jake is the same weight as he was 5 months ago AND instead of being in the 75%-90% height he is now in the 10%! He started asking questions about his eating habits so I divulged the info that he hardly eats anything. He won’t eat pizza, hamburgers, mac n cheese or any thing a normal kid will eat. So the doctor ordered his hemoglobin levels to be tested and his blood sugar. His blood sugar was at 52 instead of the “normal range of 70-105. I had reminded him about Jake being sick that week and not eating yet and he said even so it was out of range for fasting levels.

He was VERY concerned and even mentioned many possibilities one being Leukemia. So I cling to that word and start crying.

I tell the doctor about Jaxton having trisomy 13 and hearing this news was just TOO MUCH. He felt horrible, but had scheduled for us to have Jake go immediately to the Hospital for overnight tests and observation.

Just when I thought I couldn’t be brought any lower I get hit with this. Not only am I told I WILL loose my baby , but now I am imagining Jake in NICU with chemo and tubes and in seclusion. I start to cry and so does Jake as he is whimpering Mommy? Mommy? I hold him and tell him everything is alright, you are fine honey, I love you baby so much. I hug him and don’t let go as he is clinging to me as well.  The doctor tenderly hugs us and wishes his best for us and says he trusts in God.

We leave the Doctor and with all the strength left in me I strap jake into the car seat, get in the car and start balling my eyes out.  I cry out “God, there is not much more I can take!”

Then this pops into my head:

I put this up about a week ago as a constant reminder of our family and our Faith in the Lord and now at a moment such as this it served it’s purpose to bring me back to my center.

So we check Jake in and he has to give LOTS of blood for all the tests and an x-ray. He is such a trooper! He did amazing and we are so proud of him!!!

All this said we later learn 8 hours later that He is actually 4″ taller @ 36″ AND his chart was mis-graphed! So it turns out JAKE IS FINE AND HEALTHY!!! It was all just a huge mistake so we got to go home early. I am so thankful that Jake is alright! We got some great advice from a dietician, but nothing I couldn’t have googled on my own. Yes Jake is super skinny and we are trying to get more calories in him!  🙂

I’m happy to know that even feeling like I was dying inside I turned to my Savior!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Tiffany on February 5, 2011 at 11:37 pm

    Oh my gosh Lisa. One: Praise God that Jake is okay and that it was only a mistake. A very scary mistake. 2: I am so sorry you had to go through that. 3: I am so proud of you for clinging to His promise even when all was uncertain. Your faith amazes me. Praying for you guys.


  2. […] 2011 (aka Snowtorious B.I.G.), catching a wicked virus, and our son Jake’s latest trip to the hospital – I’m definitely glad last week is over.  I’m excited for what’s going on […]


  3. Posted by Debbie on February 7, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    Lisa, I totally get this one. At 2 luke was 34″ & 21 pounds, no chart error. (hes 24 pounds now at 2 1/2 so we are so relieved he is finally gaining weight. He simply wouldn’t eat solid food til he was 2. I’ve had to contemplate leukemia and all those scary things to o, its no fun and so scary. I.m glad jake is ok!


  4. Posted by Laura on February 23, 2011 at 10:35 am

    I don’t know you, but I am crying from reading your blog. You seem to be a wonderful person. Its so good to hear people who love their children! I have a 4 year old boy with a VSD that “should” have required surgery. He hasn’t even needed any medications! We have been so blessed! It has been very difficult to get him to eat. He was never “chubby” like most babies & toddlers. Like yours, he wont eat mac n cheese, cheeseburgers, or so many things! I have discovered a “whole food protien bar” with 8 amino acids that he LOVES! Maybe your picky eater would like them… I order from the company because we use so many. And they are hard to find in stores. My local coop has two flavors… The company is “Bear Valley.” The bars are called Mealpack or Pemmican (Pemmican is something American Indians used to make). Anyway, my 4 year old loves the Carob-Cocoa flavor, I told him it was a brownie or chocolate cake the first time I gave him one. Now its a “chocolate Pemmican bar.” My 2 year old & I like the Fruit ‘n Nut & my husband likes the Coconut Almond. Sesame Lemon is too dry… My little boy has gained weight & muscle so he looks much healthier & his color is better since he has been eating these! More energetic too! I hope you can find healthy foods that yours will love to eat too. I know its stressful to worry about the little ones… And I am praying for your family with your delivery tomorrow! God bless you all.


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