i love our lil jake

Yay – Balloons!!!

Jacob William Husmann (20 months old)

Jake is such a great little boy. There are not enough positive things I can say about him! I am so proud of the young man he is becoming. He’s so polite saying Please and thank you, Your Welcome, Sorry Momma and God Bless You and AMEN after the prayer! Josh asked Jake if he knew who Jesus was and he said… AMEN!!!  LOL!   He makes my heart smile!!!

I have tried to make Jake feel so special especially since half of my brain has been elsewhere with the baby. I constantly tell him I love you THIS MUCH with my arms wide open, Giving him lots of hugs and kisses. I’ve even splurged and have been going over board in the treats and gifts area. … oh, but he deserves it! Who doesn’t like a new pair of comfy pajamas and a lollipop?

I only want him to know love from me and for him to know how special he is to me. I tell him YOU’RE THE BEST 1/2 a million times a day! He really is THE BEST!!!!

He has been talking SO MUCH! We love having conversations with him, but most of his answers are NO.

He can name all the characters on Sesame Street, Dora The Explorer and Mickey Mouse ClubHouse. He can also say what each of these things says: Dog, Horse, Cat, Rooster, Chicken, Sheep, Seal, Monkey, Snake, Rabbit, Penguin, Bear, Lion, Tiger, Rhinosaurus, coo coo bird, green Frog, Fish, Pirate, Elephant, Train, Fire truck, Alligator, Pig, duck, owl, donkey, Kangaroo, Cow… there are more i’m sure I just can’t remember them!

He LOVES playing outside, going for walks, Hide and seek, football and tickle time.

He loves singing ABC’s, The Meatball song and Ittsy Bittsy Spider.

He knows all his colors and some of his shapes.

He can almost count to ten with a little help. We are starting to teach him how to add.

Other Jake sayings: We’re Home! Yuv you, lightning McQueen milk, No Hit Momma, 2 spankings. No nigh night. Momma tired. Momma Sad. Good Morning! Hey Bubba. Where’d Jake go? Hey Honey…, Josh!, More Tickle!!!

Maybe too much fun with the chalk – Hitler resemblance???  LOL!

Just wanted everyone to know how special Jake is and that he has been an absolute peach! I couldn’t have asked for a better well-behaved kid.

I love him more than words can express!!!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Polly on October 28, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    I was just thinking I hadn’t seen any new pictures of Jake in a while… I literally checked your facebook and blog earlier today! 🙂 Yay Jake!! (and his mom & dad)


  2. Posted by Mom on October 28, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    THAT’S MY JAKE!! — But I thought only Grandmas were supposed to feel this way! 😀
    He’s so lucky to have YOU for his momma!


  3. Posted by Michelle Bradley (Aunt Mimi) on October 29, 2010 at 1:49 am

    I am sitting here finishing things for Siennas party and I came to read your post about Jakey. Its the end of the post and I cant stop crying. I cant believe how big he is getting and I am missing it. I have been so busy that I finally realized you guys are not going to be here for my baby girls 1st and it makes my heart hurt. I love you guys so much. When I really think about how far you are away I start to get sad so I just pretend that you are in La Verne and we just havent had the chance to hang out in a while haha.


  4. Posted by angela on November 2, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    I just read your blogs. Thanks for sharing your heart felt personal journey. You and Josh are such blessings to many, and planting churches also. I am definately praying for you but I would also like to plant seed into “THE JAXTON HEALING and WHOLENESS FUND”. The two of you have enough concerns without having to worry about Not having Insurance and under these circumstances to pay for regular check ups. I have much to be grateful for during this special
    season of Thanksgiving! I would like to pass it on.
    Love you Husmann family. Please accept my donation in your time of need.


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