21 weeks …

I appreciate your prayers for Jaxton’s healing. He has many things that need a pure miracle from the Lord to heal. Which I believe the LORD can heal IF it is his will to do so. I am at such peace right now because Jaxton has already touched more people in his 21 weeks of gestation than I have my whole 29 years!!!!

I don’t want anyone to think that I am being selfish  in my blog or in self-pity. This is just what our family is going through right now in life. I don’t want you to think that i’m implying that other situations are not as bad and I actually would not want to be in other peoples place. I heard that a dear pastor at PFB had passed away last week and was so heartbroken for his wife! They spent countless years together making memories and loving each other. Through thick and thin they were there for one another and then one day he passes to be with the Lord and she is left all by herself. I would rather have my situation any day. I feel and pray for the healing of her heart!!! I also can’t imagine being a mother like Lisa Patterson and tragically loosing her son at such a young and vibrant age, then have to fight for justice for his death. That is just the worst thing ever! I have so much more respect for life now!

As of right now we don’t have any appointments. I feel like as long as he is kicking and moving he is still alive and I am THRILLED!!! We have been getting some pretty substantial medical bills (as if going through this was not tough enough!) Please pray that we can get insurance soon – it didn’t transfer to Indiana like we were expecting it to, so all these appointments are out of pocket. One appointment alone was $1,873!  Jaxton and I are supposed to be checked on every other week and at this point the cost is too much to go that often. I’ll keep you updated when we do finally make an appointment.

Please continue to pray for Jaxton!

1) Trisomy 13

2) Holoprosencephaly

3) Umbilical Hernia/Omphalocoele

4) Single Umbilical Artery

We love you all so much!


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  1. Hi,

    I am so sorry that you are going through this. When I heard about my son he was 2 months old and had an undiagnosed medical condition. They told us he would likely be a vegetable the rest of his life. They thought Trisomy 5- cat cry. We researched. We said yes, if God wanted us to have a vegetable then we would. He was diagnosed with trisomy 8. But God is so good as you know. He started healing our child the moment we said yes. Since adopting him he has had to have a gtube and we spend 3 days a week at the local childrens hospital, he has therapy 4 days a week. We would not trade him in for a dozen “healthy” babies. I have no idea what you are going through but I know how great our God is. God is a God of miracles, He is a God of hope, He is a God of healing and I am praying right now in Jesus name that your son be healed on earth. God heal this baby, hold this family up and give them strength for whats to come. You said that in your word where two or more are gathered in Your name there you are with them, let them know you are with them, let them feel you and give them peace. Though 1000 may fall at that babies side and 10,000 at his right hand no harm will come to him.(ps 91). Thank you Lord for his life, thank you for the miracle you are doing and thank you for the journey and testimony they are about to have. In Your name I pray, Amen


    Be blessed


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